Rishikesh – The Adventure Destination

After the start of MNCs and thousand other companies the day to day life in the cities has become very repetitive and mechanical. The usual week day is spend majorly in office catering to high pressure work which makes the life dull and boring. Besides the pressure in work the office commuting drains all the bodies living in the cities. Similar cycle is for the school and college going children. They spend hours on the roads to school and colleges and after spending the entire day at school and college the head back home. The competition in the cities is immense.

The people living in the cities want to go on frequent out of city tours to refresh themselves. The corporate youth today does not look for the normal hotels for their holiday. The youth wants to spend vacation time in doing some adventure activities. The adventure camps in Rishikesh are in very much demand by the city youths due to this reason. These adventure camps in Rishikesh take care of the accommodation, food, and lot of adventure activities like Rafting, Trekking, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Bungy Jumping, Flying Fox, Giant Swing.

The river side rafting camp is located on the small perennial rivers among lot of natural greenery, flora and fauna. Guests love to stay at this river side rafting camp because they can spend lot of time in these rivers doing adventure activities like body surfing, body boarding or just sitting in the waters and having a bottle of bear. A weekend at these adventure camps in Rishikesh are so refreshing that the guests return all fresh and charged up to get into the day to day daily cores of the city life. There are several guests who visit Rishikesh atleast 4 times a year.

Royale Rainbow Resort, Rishikesh is one of these adventure camps in Rishikesh. The river side rafting camp is placed among mango groves and is just 100 steps from the river Heval. The resort is so close to nature. You can see the birds and butterflies all around. The lawns are full of colorful flowers which enhance the beauty of the place. Guests willing to book a holiday at the Royale Rainbow Resort can visit the website http://royalerainbowresort.in/ to check the package and services and can then call the reservation number +91 – 9871025776 to book.


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