Ambala – Best Travel Destination For your Winter Holidays

Ambala is a city in Haryana which is on the border of Haryana and Punjab and is also close to the neighboring state Himachal Pradesh. It is also very near to the state capital Chandigarh. Ambala has two sub cities Ambala City and Ambala Cantt. That’s why ambala is sometimes referred as twin cities. Indian Army and Indian Airforce has a strong presence in the city. There are many reasoning for the name of the city. Few believe that since it was founded by Amba Rajput in the 14th century AD. Few other believe that the city name is a variant of Amba Wala meaning mango village due t mango groves existence in the neighborhood. Others believe that the city got its name from goddess “Bhawani Amba” whose temple is still present in the city.

Ambala city is a market for all the farmers of the neighboring cities and towns to sell their farm produce. The city is also a business and educational hub. Also the city has huge population who permanently lives in the city for the benefits of city living. The residents use the Ambala Hotel for their family functions like weddings, birthdays and other small big family functions. Ambala Hotel fall into different star categories. There are hotels from being small to big, budget to best hotel in ambala.


The hospitality of the ambala hotel is at par to other hotels in across the country. The smaller hotels have all necessary facilities for a comfortable stay. At the same time they are pocket friendly. Travelers looking for smaller stays can opt for this option. The few best hotel in Ambala are at par to international standards of hospitality. These hotels host the travelers who are looking for luxury during their travel. These hotels have luxurious comfortable rooms, Conference & banquet facilities, Huge banquet lawns, huge parking. These hotels are used by families staying in the city for their family functions.

Few hotels listed on are:

  1. Hotel Abhinandan located at Nicholson Road, Sadar Bazaar, a 2 star property with tariff starting at 699.
  2. Hotel Destination located at sadar bazaar, a 3 star hotel with Tariff starting at Rs 1600



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