Top 5 Tourist Places in Patna and Good Patna Hotels

Patna is the administrative capital city of the Bihar State. It is situated on the banks of River Ganges. It is one of the most modern cities of eastern India and is no less to other state cities when compared to quality of roads and civic facilities.

Patna is one of the oldest cities of India and even of south Asia. It has been in existence for more than a thousand years. In addition to these, the city has been the proud capital of the various empires like Magadha, Nanda, MaryAnn, Sung, Gupta, Pala and Sure. The city may not have any of these empires today but it has a certain aura that attracts tourists towards it. Patna has many places of historical significance. To name few are Tact Sheri Armanda Sahib, Kumara, Panther Kid Mashed, Patna Museum, Hanuman Mender, Paten devil mender.

If you want to explore the historical places of Patna, you can reach the place by train or flight. There is a domestic airport in the city that is connected to major cities of India. Also there it is connected by long distance trains with major cities of the nation. So reaching Patna is fairly easy. If you want to reach by road, then the national highways 30, 31 and 19 pass through the city making it easier to access.


Being the state Capital, Business & educational hub, Religious & historical centre, the city draws lot of travelers. Hotels in Patna provide quality hospitality to all these visitors coming to the city. Hotels in Patna are present all over the city and there tariff fit all budgets. Travelers low on budget can stay at the 2 start and 3 star Patna hotels, while travelers looking for luxury can stay at the 4 star and 5 star Patna hotels.

Travelers looking to book hotels in Patna for their stay during their tour can visit The website has all information like location, services, and hotel and room photos, tariff of the rooms and contact information of the hotels listed on the website. Travelers can choose from the list of the Patna hotels a hotel of their choice and can call the hotels to get a better bargain for their stay.



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