Luxurious 3 Star Hotels in Ajmer Near Dargah

Ajmer is a small city in the state of Rajasthan. The city houses Ana Sagar Lake, Famous and sacred dargah of Hazard Kawaka Moinuddin Hasan Christi, A 16th century palace built by Akbar which is now converted into a Museum. The city sees huge number of religious tourists who visit the Dorgan round the year. The city is abuzz with traveler’s whole year.

Another religious city Pushcart is just 12 games from Ajmer city. It is also an educational and business hub for the people of the nearby cities.

Ajmer sees scores of travelers. And to accommodate all these guests the city has huge demand of Hotels. The city has all type of hotels. Hotels in Ajmer near dargah are very much in high demand by the travelers since that makes them easy to walk to the digraph from the hotel. There are hotels all around the city but the travelers prefer the Hotels in Ajmer near dargah. The Street to digraph is always filled with scores of people. The feeling and ambiance of the street to Dorgan is very religious. There are sellers of flowers, perfume, chador which the devotees offer at the digraph for blessings. The street is full with the fragrance of roses.


There are several star and categories of hotels in Ajmer. But the most sought after are the cheap hotels in Ajmer. Majority of the travelers stay in these cheap hotels in Ajmer as they are easy on pocket and have all required facilities for a comfortable stay.

Religious traveler looking for Hotels in Ajmer near  dargah, can visit and explore the hotels listed on the site, its locations, photos, tariffs, and contact details. After short listing the hotel the traveler can call the hotel directly to bargain a better deal.

Few of the hotels listed on the website are:

  1. Aram Bag, located at village mossier, is a 3 star hotel, with room types Royale Suite, Cottage Room, with Tariff starting at 4000 per room per night.
  2. Hotel Neelam Palace, located at Digit Chow Ajmer, is a 3 star hotel with room types Deluxe Room, Super Deluxe Room with tariff starting at Rs 1099 per room per night.

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