Gurgaon – Book Luxury Resorts at Affordable Rates

Delhi is the capital city of India. And has a vast historical past. From ages Delhi had been the preferred location for being the capital of different rulers of the region. Delhi is the Political, Industrial, Educational, Business hub of India. There is huge number of migrant worker residents in the city. The city is dotted with many historical monuments like, Red Fort, Nqutu Miner, Raj gnat, Jamal mashed, Markets like Chanting chow, Chari Bazaar, Gadara Market. Businessmen from all across the country come to delhi to source their products.

The life in Delhi is fast with the week working days keeping everybody busy. The weekend gives a breather of life. And the residents of Delhi love travelling to the nearby cities for weekend refreshment. Resorts near Delhi plays a pivot role in hosting the guests from Delhi for rejuvenation. The travelers are in frequent search of Weekend getaways from Delhi. So that they can refresh over the weekend and join back office on Monday for work.


There are several resorts near Delhi which function as weekend getaways from Delhi for the travel enthusiasts. Resorts near Delhi also play an important role as the destinations for family functions, weddings and the destination for school, college and corporate outings. The proximity to the city and the good road connectivity is an important decision maker for the travelers. One does not have to waste lot of time on roads travelling plus gets all the rejuvenation and relaxation facilities which makes the individual ready to get into the city groove from Monday onwards.

Gurgaon Countryside Resort is a beautiful countryside resort located about 50 kames from Delhi and about 10 kames from shone in Haryana. It is well connected by road and takes about 1 hour of drive. Travel enthusiasts looking to holiday at Gurgaon countryside resort can visit and explore the services, location and tariff of the resort. They can reach on the hotel numbers with any queries or to book a holiday with the resort. The Resort has mud cottages for accommodation with huge lawns and gives an authentic feeling of countryside of Delhi.




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