Popular Temples in Allahabad and Some Good Allahabad Hotels

Allahabad, the largest city in Uttar Pradesh situated at the northern part of India. The holiest place in India witnesses the world renowned Kumbh Mela which held after every 12 years, the largest Hindu fair ever on Earth, where millions and millions of pilgrims come to participate. The two sacred rivers, the Ganga and the Yamuna pass through Allahabad which stands as a venue for many sacred fairs and rituals. People from all around the globe visit the city and travelers are searching for Allahabad Flights every year to witness the versatile image of different races beholding the prayers in their breath for the worshiping of their God.

In ancient times, Allahabad was known as Prayag. According to the Indian mythology books, Lord Brahma attended a sacrificial ritual “Prakrista Yagna”, and that’s how the name came into being earlier. Allahabad became a part of the Mughal Empire when it was discovered by the Mughal Emperor Akbar discovered the city in 1575 AD and built a magnificent Fort. The city at that time was named as Illahabas (City of God’s) which has now become Allahabad.

Allahabad is a holy place and includes different kinds of people following different religion. Allahabad is a beautiful place with lots places to be visited like Allahabad Fort, Anand Bhawan, Pratisthan Pur, Yamuna Bridge, Pratisthan Pur, Company Bagh, Minto Bagh, Khusro Bag, Allahabad Museum and Planetarium. Cheap flights to Allahabad these days are easily available as lot of airlines today offers great deals and discounts to every traveler.

Because of the historical significance the city draws millions of visitors every year. And due to this Hotels in Allahabad plays important role. The Allahabad Hotels are well equipped to host the huge number of visitors coming to the city for their religious tours. Hotels in Allahabad take care of the international tourists visiting the city so that they return with good memories of India.

Allahabad hotels dot almost every street of the city majorly located near the ghats so that the guests are as closely possible to the river Ganges and the ghats. The morning and the evening Pooja and arti at the ghats are mesmerizing.


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