Jaisalmer – The Golden City

Jaisalmer the land of sand dunes, the golden city is a primary city on the trade route of Rajasthan & India. The City gets its adjective due to the golden panorama of the city because of the rocks that have been used to build the forts, the palaces and the temples in Jaisalmer. The city has numerous tourists destination like the Jaisalmer Fort, The Sand Dunes and also the famous and historical temples of the city. Travelers visiting the city ensure to attend the Light & Sound Show which walks you thorugh the entire history of the city.

Jaisalmer has always been a tourist’s choice of visit whenever they land in Rajasthan. The place is surrounded by the Thar Desert, the only desert in the whole of India. The whole town is so small that it would not take more than 2 hours to tour the place. There are also quite a number of 3 star hotels in Jaisalmer. The hotels are all well equipped and magnificently built keeping in mind the rich Rajput heritage. Most of the hotels are located near the picturesque forts and palaces, alluring tourists from all parts of the world.


There are numerous Jaisalmer hotels that are located in old palaces and havelis. The palaces have a limited number of rooms and the rooms are designed with the old Rajput interiors and many of the old paintings and sculptures can be found at the palace hotels. The heritage hotels have spacious rooms and they are designed for the ultimate luxury that is befitting to a king. Many of the hotels in Jaisalmer are family run and they are tastefully decorated. Some of the old interiors in these hotels have been restored and the original silver inlays and furniture can be still found today. Many paintings dating back many centuries can still be found at the heritage hotels and they add to the tastefully designed interiors.

The Jaisalmer hotels take special care to maintain international hospitality standards since the majority of the travelers to Jaisalmer are international tourists. Safety, security and comfort of these guests are of utmost importance. And the hotels in Jaisalmer city take all necessary steps to maintain this.


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