Jammu and Kashmir – Where Natural Beauty Surpasses Human Imagination

Jammu is the largest city of the state Jammu & Kashmir. It is located on the banks of river Tawi. Jammu is also the winter capital of the state. Jammu is home to lot of historical monuments and temples like Raghunath Temple, Bahu Fort, Amar Mahal, Karbala, Old City. Jammu is also the best connected city to visit the famous & revered hindu shrine Vaishno Devi. It is also the business hub of the capital.

Because of these reason it brings lacs of visitors and travelers round the year. To suffice this need of travelers there are several Hotels in Jammu which give there 100% into the hospitality of the customers. Jammu hotels are available in all class and categories and the majority of the budget hotels in Jammu are well equipped to attend to the needs of the travelers.


Jammu is one of the most sought after place and is thronged by the tourists throughout the year. Many budget hotels in Jammu also cater to the needs of the business travelers. The hotels also have the facility of conference rooms and business centre. The Jammu hotels are well furnished and provide comfortable accommodation. There is large number of hotels in Jammu, for the visitors who wish to go for budget hotels. The budget Hotels in Jammu promises to its visitors all kinds of comfort and services, here the travelers are offered best services and many recreational activities for entertainment. The rooms here are beautifully designed and quiet cozy. These Jammu hotels brag of all the amenities that the visitors desire for they get all homely comfort though being away from home. The rooms of the hotel are gracefully planned and well designed.

Clients who are looking for hotels in Jammu can log on www.triptheearth.com and explore hotels in the city. Clients get to study the location, services, tariff and contact details of the hotels. The travelers can call the hotels directly and discuss any queries with them and can also book directly with them. This gives a fair chance to bargain, which is a win win situation for both. As the client gets a better deal and the hotel can save from the commission amount to benefit the customers.


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