Great Places to Stay in Gwalior Hotels

The City of Gwalior is named after Saint Gwalipa who cured a long disease of Suraj Pal. Suraj Pal in honor of the Saint built a tank and Fort in Gwalior. The city of Gwalior has been historically very important. Gwalior Fort changed ruler ship from Tomaras to Mughals to the Marathas under Scindias. Gwalior is a very important city of Madhya Pradesh. It is located to the north of Bhopal, South of Agra City, and 319 kms from Delhi. Due to its location and distance from Agra and delhi the city has been of attraction to many previous rulers here.

Music has been very important part of the Gwalior culture. In honor and celebration for their love for music, every December they celebrate a music festival. This is one of the famous occasions celebrated in Gwalior. It is a five night-long event and is called the Tanden Music Festival. Tanden was the name of a talented student in one of their first music school. Tourists are always interested in such events, culture, tradition, and history. For that reason, the city is open for a lot of guests all year round.

The city has tourists from round the globe round the year who come in huge numbers to explore the city and its culture. To accommodate this inflow of tourists the city is dotted with hotels all over the city.

Some of the best hotels in India have found their grounding here, where the glorious past, picturesque ambiance, delectable food and great handicrafts have carved a niche in the heart of India. Hotels in Gwalior are very fine in terms of ambience, location, food and of course hospitality. Gwalior Hotels serve both leisure and business travelers. The various monuments forts and museums are so well spread out that any hotel will not be out of way. A prior booking can enable the travelers to get the best pricing with the warm hospitality the city offers. Hotels in Gwalior take very special care to attend to every travel need of the travelers. Gwalior Hotels are spread across the city which makes ease for travelers to stay close to monument of their choice.

To book a hotel clients can log on and explore the location, services, tariff of the hotels and then can call the hotel directly to bargain the best possible deal.




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