Tour and Travel Places in Ambala City

Ambala City is in Haryana and located on the border with Punjab and is close to Chandigarh. The city has large presence of the Indian Army & Air Force in the cantonment area. It hosts people from all caste majorly dominated by the Sikhs. Ambala is an important destination on the Indian Trade route.

Cloth Market

“Cloth Market” is the charm of the city, which draws shoppers from surrounding areas. The cloth market has a dense cluster of 900-1000 wholesale shops.

The market possesses a wide range of cloth items:

  • Hand-loom
  • Silk and Sarees
  • Suitings and Shirtings
  • All kinds of dress material

The areas surrounding the market thrive on this market for occupation. Market provides all kinds of cloth tailoring related and other transportation occupations to semi-urban areas around. This market remains closed on Thursday, Holi, Republic DayIndependence Day and Dussehra are the only other days the market remains closed.

Himachal Pradesh and Punjab are major parts from which shopkeepers come to this market. Silk and Sarees are one of the major type of cloth sold by volume. Ambala used to be a hub of hand-loom factories, man operated industry, which has almost vanished.

This market is regarded as the largest cloth trading market in the sub-continent (Asia).

Being the largest cloth trading market, it has frequent business travelers from all across India. And to cater their accommodation needs there are a lot of Hotels in Ambala City. Usually the travelers stay for short durations to do the wholesale shopping for their shops.

Ambala Hotel List

Travelers can choose from a wide range of hotels listed on for their accommodation needs.  Ambala hotel list as listed on are as below:

  1. Hotel Abhinandan in Sadar Bazar, Room Tariff Starts at Rs 699 for one night. The rooms are neat, clean and hygienic.
  2. Hotel Destination in Sadar Bazar, Room Tariff starts at Rs 1600 for one night.
  3. Hotel A P Regency on Police Line Road is a good business hotel. The room tariff starts at Rs 1950
  4. Hotel D R International in Ambala Cantt caters to the needs of the people in Cantt. The tariff starts at RS 1250

There are various other hotels in Ambala City to suit different pocket sizes & quality. The guests can choose as per convenience for their stay.



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